Squatter or Dignified?

I see the Tory press are now calling Gordon Brown a “squatter”. They obviously don’t remember Ted Heath in February 1974. Its very much a case of the kid screaming when they don’t get their sweeties.

Before the election, most people knew there was a good chance of a hung parliament – so much so that the Cabinet Office set out the protocols to be followed back in February. What’s happening now is right in line with that. So, Daily Mail, Sun and the rest of the right wing media, get this into your heads -until someone else can command a majority in the House of Commons, Gordon Brown remains PM.

In fact, Gordon’s speech outside number 10 yesterday, he made it quite clear that he was remaining in office for the good of the country – decisions still have to be made, and relations with foreign governments maintained – witness Alistair Darling taking part in G20 talks on behalf of the UK.

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