Email to Ed Miliband – its our NHS

Dear Ed,
Congratualtions on being elected our Leader. I wish you well, and will fight every day to make sure that Labour wins the next general election and you are our next Prime Minister. However, I am not emailing you just to congratulate you. We cannot rest and the country cannot afford us to wait a single day before we start our campaign to restore fairness, social justice and compassion to our Government.

The announcement today of the BMAs reaction to the disgusting plans of Andrew Lansley, Health Secretary to break up the NHS and make GPs responsible for commisioning services – leading to a ‘postcode lottery’ highlights an area which is of great concern to me, and millions of ordinary voters. In conversation with Anthony Parker on twitter (@anthillel) we felt that a public petition – preferably available online would be one way of showing this Government the strength of feeling against this measure, which wasnt in any party’s manifesto, let alone the coalition agreement.

Nearly 20 years ago, during the last time a conservative government decided to re-organise the NHS and cut back the services we depends on, the ambulance service in Devon was pared back. Although its difficult to prove, I feel that the time it took for an ambulance to reach my Dad when he had a heart attack, and the time it took to get him to hospital played a part in his death. I’ve blogged about this, and why this means I will always fight for the NHS, and the only party committed to it, Labour.

So, Ed, please create a giant nationwide petition, and help us show this Government that its our NHS, the peoples NHS – not theirs to wreak on a whim.

John Ruddy

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