The cost of campaigning

We are in the process of setting up a new Labour branch in North Angus. We’ve got Scottish parliament elections in 6 months, and local government elections the year after. Our CLP is one of the smallest in the country in terms of membership, but our biggest problem is funds.

Well, I say it is funds, its is really the costs. The recommended way by the Labour party is to use Contact Creator to identify voters (and potential members!) and Web Creator to set up a suitable website.

The problem with using these tools are their cost. Web Creator, whatever its virtues can be easily replaced. Web hosting is cheap, and there are plenty of open source content management systems – indeed with such options available, I’m surprised that anyone would take up with Web Creator.

Contact Creator, however cannot be replaced by anything from the open source world. The basic cost of £415 is way too much for our CLP, and our new branch doesnt even have those funds. The service of adding telephone numbers is also useful – but the additional £313 makes the total cost £730 – a year.

Is it any wonder that Labour struggle in areas such as ours?

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