Greenest Government ever?

So, Chris Huhne, Climate Change Secretary is out in Cancun, at the COP16 talks – the last ditch effort to reach agreement on reducing CO2 emissions. The hosts of the conference have given 10 ministers key roles in sorting out the issues. The UK and Brazil have been teamed up to deal with renewing Kyoto – the 12.5% reduction by 2010 target that was ratified by everyone (except the US). This is one of the trickiest issues, as a number of countries are refusing to renew it.

What is our minister planning on doing in the next 24 hours?

Chris Huhne is planning to fly back to Britain to take part in a crucial vote on student tuition fees.

Greenest Government ever?

I don’t think so.



It now appears that Chris Huhne will be staying in Cancun after all. But needless to say, its all Labour’s fault. Remind me, who decided to bring forward the vote on tuition fees to Thursday?

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