Conference Day Zero: Let Ed be Ed

I’ve just got back from the delegates reception, and I’ve heard Ed Miliband give a speech live for the first time. He’s not just a good speaker, he’s a great speaker, and we need to have more people hear him speak.

He gave a short speech, no more than 5 minutes long, but without notes (the amazing trick we hear David Cameron praised for a lot) and you felt he really understood the problems facing ordinary people today. He talked about the vested interests which conspire to put the squeeze on ordinary families. This was a continuation of the story earlier in the day about the utility and rail companies.

It was a very good speech, and you got a real sense of what Ed believed in. You felt he was a man who was on your side. I think the unscripted speech was better than the scripted stuff I’ve seen him deliver on TV.

On TV’s West Wing, during the re-election campaign, the team decide that they need to let the President be himself. The slogan is “Let Bartlett be Bartlett”. I think its time we let Ed be Ed.

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