Conference Day Five: Breakfast on the Terrace

Today is a much more relaxed day. There are no early fringe meetings and conference closes at 12.30 with the traditional singing of the Red Flag and Jerusalem. I am on the terrace overlooking the river outside the convention centre. The sun is out and everything appears bright and fresh.

This week has seen some profound changes. We’ve changed our procedures so that we can campaign more effectively in every part of the country – including Angus. We’ve admitted to past mistakes – you never had the Tories do that. And we’ve renewed ourselves in a way we’ve never done before so quickly. We’re determined to be a one-term opposition. The country needs nothing less from us.

I’ve never been to Liverpool before now, so this afternoon I shall spend some time visiting some of the attractions, such as the Slavery Museum here in Albert Dock. But the other memory I shall take from this week has been the warm and friendly welcome I’ve personally had, and that the rest of the delegates have had too.

Whether it was the guy at the train station in Rock Ferry when I got off on Saturday, who helped ensure I got the right bus (and even made sure I got off the right stop), or the young lad at the bus stop one morning who had an enjoyable discussion on EMA and tuition fees on his way to college, or any of the hundreds of staff and security personnel. Everyone has been amazing and Liverpool is a really great city.

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