Conference Day Six: Thank you

I’ve had a great time in Liverpool, and there were times when I didn’t want it to end. However, it has, and now I am on my way home I am going to thank those people who have made it a really enjoyable experience.

Firstly, let me thank the staff from Scottish Labour, especially Brian Roy and Alan Jamieson. They have helped me fit in and feel welcome – even by little things like remembering my name! Cheers guys, I know you do a lot of hard work behind the scenes that isn’t always recognised.

Secondly, I’d like to thank Katrina Murray a Scottish UNISON delegate and twitter friend. It was great to finally meet you, and you were brilliant at putting me at my ease in the Scottish reception when I was very nervous and didn’t know anyone. Katrina knows Dundee and Angus well, having been a Labour candidate in Dundee East, and has very generously offered to come up and help campaign for Labour in next year’s local elections. I’m sure it will be much appreciated by everyone in Carnoustie and Monifieth.

I’d also like to thank Lorna from Dundee East and Dawn from Aberdeen South. My fellow delegates were very supportive, even if it was just by saying “Hi” when they saw me wandering about! I want to thank Judith, a delegate from Glasgow who is another twitter friend. It was good to meet you and thank you for the welcome and support you gave over the course of the week.  I’d also like to thank Anne Begg, MP for Aberdeen South, who kindly invited me to a meal with her and fellow Aberdonians on Wednesday evening. A very generous gesture that resulted in a wonderful evening. Anne takes a keen interest in Angus Labour, as a Brechiner herself, so I hope that the work we will be doing in the future will meet with her approval.

And lastly, I would like to thank the City of Liverpool, but especially its people. They have been unfailingly kind, generous and welcoming. If it was the bus drivers who were confused by my ‘walrus’ card, or the man or woman in the street, without them, this week would not have been the pleasure it has. I know that Labour will be returning to Liverpool in 2013, but I would like to see us return again in 2015 – when Liverpool will welcome the new Labour Government, the way only it can.

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