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One strike I wont support

While I fully support the right of any worker to withdraw their labour, the strike by Jockeys on Monday is one I cannot support. The fact that the Jockeys are condoning the use of the whip on race horses and are even trying to force a change of the new rules show that the welfare of their mounts is the last things on their minds. Continue reading

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Let’s have that referendum

The former leader of the SNP has called for a referendum straight away, because of a policy that could have “destructive consequences” for Scotland. I agree we should have a referendum, but not for the reason he does. Gordon Wilson, … Continue reading

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Save Angus College

At last nights Labour Party meeting, we had a visit from Douggie Dean, UNISON steward at Angus College. He was able to give us an update on the funding situation at Angus College, and it made for grim listening. As … Continue reading

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Scottish Labour: The Next Generation

I read today an article in the Guardian about the independence generation, the idea introduced by Alex Salmond of a generation of young people who believe in independence. What it turns out to be is another name for the youth … Continue reading

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Question Time in Portlethen

Not the BBC programme, but a panel discussion organised by Labour’s candidate for Portlethen in next May’s local elections, Alison Evison. Chaired by UNISON’s Sarah Duncan, it provided a good insight into people’s concerns as well as showing that Labour is on their side. Continue reading

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New cafe in Montrose

Its always a pleasure to see a new business open up, especially when it moves into a previously empty shop. Its even more of a pleasure when it is a business offering something unique. Cafe O’ Clay in Murray Street … Continue reading

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We need more Wind

The Montrose facility operated by GlaxoSmithKline has proposed installing two large wind turbines in order to help make the plant self-sufficient in electricity. However there is a growing opposition to the scheme, on what seems to be the most spurious … Continue reading

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What have we learnt from the Tory Conference?

What did I learn from the conservative conference? Well, after attending Labour conference last week for the first time, I realise that there is a difference to what is reported in the papers, shown on TV and what actually happens. But there are some things we can conclude from what we have seen, and they ain’t pretty. Continue reading

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What kind of leader do we need?

What kind of leader does Scottish Labour need? It’s a valid question, and the answer is that it’s probably someone quite different to the leader many in the party would want. Continue reading

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Refounding Angus Labour

So what have I taken away from conference? Well, quite a lot. Firstly I’ve felt a connection with people who share my political views (mostly) in a way that twitter or Facebook can’t provide. Secondly, I’ve got the message that … Continue reading

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