Hiding their light?

Those who follow the SNP Government closely know they are not slow at coming forward. If there’s even a slight chance of a bit of positive publicity, or some reflected glory, they’ll announce it, sometimes more than once. This makes it surprising that they have been so reluctant to release certain legal advice.

First there was the farrago over the advice on the Local Income Tax. Then it was the advice on minimum alcohol pricing. Now it seems the Scottish Government doesn’t want us to know what advice it has received on whether an independent Scotland would have to join the Euro. Also under question is whether an independent Scotland would have to pay into the Euro stabilisation fund – a total of £8billion.

The SNP are never short of a trick or two when it comes to publicity, and self-promotion. If there is anything which can help their case for independence they will do it, whether its lowering the voting age, setting up their own body to oversee the referendum, or ignoring the independent Electoral Commission over the wording of the actual question. Even the timing of the referendum is likely to be such as to maximise the chances of a vote to leave the UK. Which is why it is surprising that they have been keeping quiet over these latest pieces of advice.

Surely, if the advice was “No, Scotland wont have to join the Euro”, and “No it wont have to pay into the bailout fund”, and other such positive things for the nationalist cause, it would be trumpeted from the rooftops at Edinburgh Castle.

Since it hasn’t been, one is left to only one conclusion. That the SNP don’t like the answer they got.

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1 Response to Hiding their light?

  1. Maybe they will keep asking for advice until they get the advice they want.

    Understandable but useless.

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