An all time high

So, according to the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey, support for Scottish independence is now at its highest level for 6 years. It’s now at the dizzy heights of a third of the population. It was last this high during the last Labour administration at Holyrood. No wonder Alex Salmond wants to delay the referendum, at this rate will be well in the 2020’s before there’s a majority.

No doubt the SNP will be hailing this poll as yet another victory for them, but what is more interesting is that there is a majority for increased powers. No doubt this explains why the SNP seem so desperate to have the so-called “Devo max” on the ballot paper for the independence vote.

An interesting detail in the survey is that people would be more likely to vote for independence if it gave them an extra £500 a year. Bought and sold for nationalist gold? Perhaps now we know why the SNP are building such a war chest for independence.

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