In, Out, Shake it all about

So, Dave has finally made his speech. To be honest, it’s actually completely irrelevant, as everything is dependent on him winning the next election. He can’t negotiate with anyone before 2015 – his opposite numbers will just say “Come back when you’ve got a majority to back you up”. Nick Clegg might not like it either.

However, the latest silliness is that the announcement of a referendum, IF Cameron wins the next election, if he gets the renegotiation he wants, somehow boosts the Yes campaign for Scottish Independence. Alex Salmond has already said that the delay in holding a referendum will lead to uncertainty. Apparently, this delay means the Better Together campaign are arguing for a delay that that they argued against in terms of Scotland.

But correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Labour the largest part of the Yes Campaign? The parties policy on the Eu referendum is the same as it was for the Independence one – that a delay will cause uncertainty – so they haven’t changed tack at all. The Lib Dems don’t think a referendum should take place at all either. So it’s really just the Tories who are being hypocritical.

This is really all about portraying the Better Together campaign as being run by the Tories – who are, as we know, anathema to large parts of Scotland (except they’re not, really, getting over 400,000 votes at the last election).

The strange thing is that nationalists seem to believe that suddenly, hundred of thousands of Scots, who having previously heard the various arguments for and against and declared they were voting against separation, are now going to change their mind and vote Yes, simply because there MIGHT be a referendum, IF the Tories win the next election in which there MIGHT be a No vote?

The words clutching at straws could have been written for this.

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