Something to Celebrate

I can’t celebrate the fact that someone has died, no matter who they are. Yes, their policies were divisive and selfish, but to revel in death, is ghoulish at best, and sickening at worst. What does it serve? It is not like the death of a dictator, whose ending presages the collapse of their regime. Are people now better off today than they were on Monday?

Margaret Thatcher personalised her policies, in a way that few politicians have done since. When a pit or factory closed – it was closed by Thatcher. When someone bought their council house – it was because of Thatcher. When School Milk was ended, it was ended by Thatcher.

But what she was more than just individual policies. As Ed Miliband has said, she moved the centre ground of politics. Previously there had been the post-war consensus, but she comprehensively smashed that, and her neo-liberal views have been broadly followed since.

Ed Miliband wants to do the same. He wants to break the mould, and deliver a responsible capitalism that delivers for people. In effect, he wants to end Thatcherism.

 And the day that happens, really will be a day to celebrate.

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