How Left Wing is Scotland – part two

How left wing is Scotland? Do we really, as the First Minister claimed, not really mind her economic policies? Well, recently, YouGov did a survey on various Thatcherite policies in the midst of her funeral. The results show that on most things, Scotland leans in the same direction as the rest of the UK, with one notable exception.

The survey gave two statements in each of a variety of policy areas, from nuclear weapons, to the right-to-buy. Respondents were asked to give the answer which mostly closely resembled their point of view – or say don’t know. In all cases, the direction of the majority in Scotland matched the direction of the majority in the rest of the UK. If the rest of UK was right wing, on for instance on supporting failing businesses, so was Scotland. If the rest of the UK was left wing, on for instance whether government should protect jobs and growth over reducing the deficit, or on whether Government should be responsible for resolving social problems – then Scotland was also Left wing.

On the totemic issue of nuclear weapons – more Scots wanted Britain to keep its nuclear weapons than to get rid of them – just as a majority of the rest of the UK did.

The one issue where Scotland differed from the rest of the UK? Trade unions. More people in Scotland thought that a strong Trade Union movement was good for Britain than thought it was bad. In the rest of the UK it was the opposite. Not by much, and some regions of the UK were more evenly split than others (London and the rest of the South were strongly against Trade Unions), while 60% of Labour voters across the country supported a strong Trade Union movement – other parties’ voters had difference views.

So there we have it – polling evidence that shows that Scotland isn’t any different to the rest of the UK on the majority of issues. Doesn’t bode well for that socialist utopian paradise we’re all being promised after independence.

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