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What have we learnt from the Tory Conference?

What did I learn from the conservative conference? Well, after attending Labour conference last week for the first time, I realise that there is a difference to what is reported in the papers, shown on TV and what actually happens. But there are some things we can conclude from what we have seen, and they ain’t pretty. Continue reading

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Conference day Three: Ed’s speech

I’ve just come out of Ed’s speech, and here are my first impressions. There are some important themes in there, and I’ve noticed that other shadow ministers have been tapping into them as well this week. Taking on vested interest, … Continue reading

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Conference Day Two: Defence and the Economy

It was good to see that Labour are putting themselves on the front foot with regards to defence. Jim Murphy was right to say that the men and women in our armed forces, on the front lines are OUR people. … Continue reading

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A British Landesbank to revitalise our regions

It was once said that England is a nation of shopkeepers. While the industrial revolution has changed that, what is true is that it is small businesses – called SMEs – which are the foundation of the British economy.  It … Continue reading

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Housing-a bigger crisis than the deficit

On of the biggest changes to the way we live over the last 30 years has been the rising cost of housing. Today in 2010, many families are forced to have both parents go out to work, simply to make … Continue reading

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A new dawn, a new Leader

As you will know, I didn’t support Ed Miliband, but rather Ed Balls for Labour leader. But I will now congratulate him on his victory, and look forward to him leading us to victory in the next General Election. However, … Continue reading

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Dont Lecture us on the economy Nick and Dave

I’m fed up with being lectured on the economy. And by people who either dont know the truth, or dont care. I agree that Labour didnt tell the truth at the last election. We didnt tell people what a great … Continue reading

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