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How Left Wing is Scotland – part two

How left wing is Scotland? Do we really, as the First Minister claimed, not really mind her economic policies? Well, recently, YouGov did a survey on various Thatcherite policies in the midst of her funeral. The results show that on … Continue reading

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Plus, More or Max?

The Yes campaign says that Better Together and the Noes need to come up with a positive vision for Scotland. I think that we already have plenty – I’ve seen at least two versions of “Devo Plus” and “Devo More”, … Continue reading

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Save Angus College

At last nights Labour Party meeting, we had a visit from Douggie Dean, UNISON steward at Angus College. He was able to give us an update on the funding situation at Angus College, and it made for grim listening. As … Continue reading

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Scottish Labour: The Next Generation

I read today an article in the Guardian about the independence generation, the idea introduced by Alex Salmond of a generation of young people who believe in independence. What it turns out to be is another name for the youth … Continue reading

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