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Dont Lecture us on the economy Nick and Dave

I’m fed up with being lectured on the economy. And by people who either dont know the truth, or dont care. I agree that Labour didnt tell the truth at the last election. We didnt tell people what a great … Continue reading

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Public Sector Pensions – ripe for the cull?

News reports today (Wednesday 15th June) indicate that public sector pensions are going to be next on the chopping block. The Office of Budget Responsibility report released yesterday says that the costs of paying them are “unsustainable” and “unaffordable”. The … Continue reading

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Cuts or Growth? We can’t have both

So we now have the definitive answer from the Office of Budget Responsibility – George Osborne’s version of making the Bank of England independent.  Growth will be lower than forecast in the budget. So naturally that means that Alistair Darling … Continue reading

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The myth of the middle income

The Daily Mail has been leading the charge against the proposed changes to Capital Gains Tax that the Liberal Democrats have got their coalition partners to agree to bring in. Interestingly enough, and something I don’t think the Daily Mail … Continue reading

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Squatter or Dignified?

I see the Tory press are now calling Gordon Brown a “squatter”. They obviously don’t remember Ted Heath in February 1974. Its very much a case of the kid screaming when they don’t get their sweeties. Before the election, most … Continue reading

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