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A vision for Scotland’s Railways

I wrote earlier this year, that the SNP didn’t seem to get Railways. The last forward planning document from the Scottish Government was published in 2006, when Labour was in power. The ScotRail franchise comes up for renewal in 2014, … Continue reading

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Renewables need Markets

I am fully behind renewable energy. As I have blogged before, I believe we as a country could be doing much more. But one thing renewables need is a market, and a recent opinion poll indicates that Scots are unwilling … Continue reading

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We need more Wind

The Montrose facility operated by GlaxoSmithKline has proposed installing two large wind turbines in order to help make the plant self-sufficient in electricity. However there is a growing opposition to the scheme, on what seems to be the most spurious … Continue reading

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Conference Day Three: Oil and Coffee for breakfast

Well, day three has started early with a fringe meeting: Untying the Knot, cutting the link between transport and oil. Stephen Joseph must think I’m stalking him. Plenty of coffee was available to get us going this early in the … Continue reading

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Conference day Two: Sustainable Intensification

Been to a very informative fringe meeting on sustainable agriculture. It was based on the idea of feeding our cattle on pasture, rather than cereals. A low input, high output model, as opposed to the purely organic low input low … Continue reading

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Daylight savings doesnt mean extra daylight

I see the fatuous campaign for “an extra hour of daylight” has started up again, this time using alledged carbon savings as one of its many arguments. After so many previous attempts to introduce this, why has it failed before? … Continue reading

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