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It’s the Lib Dems who we should be converting

The next UK General Election is just over two years away, and 2013 is the year that Labour has to start work on winning that election. I would like Scottish Labour to start to think strategically about 2015 as concentrating … Continue reading

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The Myth of left wing Scotland

I was talking to someone the other day about the independence referendum – you know in that way where you have to initiate the conversation, as most normal people don’t have independence as top of their agenda. But, they said, … Continue reading

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Refounding Angus Labour

So what have I taken away from conference? Well, quite a lot. Firstly I’ve felt a connection with people who share my political views (mostly) in a way that twitter or Facebook can’t provide. Secondly, I’ve got the message that … Continue reading

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A new dawn, a new Leader

As you will know, I didn’t support Ed Miliband, but rather Ed Balls for Labour leader. But I will now congratulate him on his victory, and look forward to him leading us to victory in the next General Election. However, … Continue reading

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Squatter or Dignified?

I see the Tory press are now calling Gordon Brown a “squatter”. They obviously don’t remember Ted Heath in February 1974. Its very much a case of the kid screaming when they don’t get their sweeties. Before the election, most … Continue reading

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