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Alcohol-related deaths – the stats

No one can deny that alcohol is one of the most serious social problems facing us at the moment. In 2010, there were just over 1300 alcohol related deaths in Scotland.  But in the same year, there were over 7,100 … Continue reading

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John goes to Conference

I am lucky enough to have been selected as the Angus CLP delegate to the annual Labour Party conference, which this year is being held in Liverpool at the end of the month. This is my first time at attending conference, and I’m looking forward to it Continue reading

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Housing-a bigger crisis than the deficit

On of the biggest changes to the way we live over the last 30 years has been the rising cost of housing. Today in 2010, many families are forced to have both parents go out to work, simply to make … Continue reading

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Why I am Labour

I’ve been asked why I am a Labour supporter. I’ll tell you why, and the NHS is at the core of it. I came from a working class family – both my parents had grown up in Council houses, and … Continue reading

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