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How Left Wing is Scotland – part two

How left wing is Scotland? Do we really, as the First Minister claimed, not really mind her economic policies? Well, recently, YouGov did a survey on various Thatcherite policies in the midst of her funeral. The results show that on … Continue reading

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Plus, More or Max?

The Yes campaign says that Better Together and the Noes need to come up with a positive vision for Scotland. I think that we already have plenty – I’ve seen at least two versions of “Devo Plus” and “Devo More”, … Continue reading

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Question Time in Portlethen

Not the BBC programme, but a panel discussion organised by Labour’s candidate for Portlethen in next May’s local elections, Alison Evison. Chaired by UNISON’s Sarah Duncan, it provided a good insight into people’s concerns as well as showing that Labour is on their side. Continue reading

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Conference Day Five: The Final Countdown

Typically, the last morning at conference is a relaxing time, and many delegates have already started their trips home, often because of the distance they have to travel. However to the politics junkie and first time conference delegate that is … Continue reading

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Conference Day Two: Defence and the Economy

It was good to see that Labour are putting themselves on the front foot with regards to defence. Jim Murphy was right to say that the men and women in our armed forces, on the front lines are OUR people. … Continue reading

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Council should back mortgage scheme

Its not often that I disagree with my boss, but in this instance I do. Angus Council has recently passed a report rejecting a scheme designed to help first time buyers into the housing market. This scheme, where councils provide … Continue reading

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Renewables and Fuel Poverty

The SNP have said that they will increase the target of renewable generation in Scotland to 100% by 2020. The previous target, of 80%, was also considered tough, but can we really reach 100%? Continue reading

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Labour needs to connect with Rural Scotland

Scottish Labour has started to look at what went wrong in the Holyrood elections in 2011, but we must also look back at another defeat and see what lessons we can learn from that. Labour did badly in the local … Continue reading

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What Council Houses are for

Let us remind ourselves of why Council Houses were introduced in the first place. It all started with the Housing of the Working Classes Act 1885 which authorised local authorities to borrow money to construct housing for rent to working … Continue reading

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The war on Poverty and Squalidness

Just over 100 years ago, one of the greatest Liberals said that his budget was a war budget. A Budget to wage implacable warfare against poverty and squalidness. It was a budget which was designed to increase taxes on the … Continue reading

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