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Plus, More or Max?

The Yes campaign says that Better Together and the Noes need to come up with a positive vision for Scotland. I think that we already have plenty – I’ve seen at least two versions of “Devo Plus” and “Devo More”, … Continue reading

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The best use for pension funds

In September, I wrote about the need for local state-backed commercial banks, to help revitalise our regions. Now, it appears that the Strathclyde local government pension fund is going to do something very similar. To be fair, it’s not quite … Continue reading

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The long march for pension Justice

Today I marched on strike for the first time in my life. Despite the fact that, as I explained yesterday, I am not technically on strike as Angus Council moved one of our Bank Holidays, I wanted to stand shoulder … Continue reading

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Why I am Striking on November 30th

Well, actually I’m not technically going on strike. Angus Council, several years ago, decided that in order to celebrate St. Andrews Day, it would move a bank holiday elsewhere in the year to the end of November. So I already had … Continue reading

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Question Time in Portlethen

Not the BBC programme, but a panel discussion organised by Labour’s candidate for Portlethen in next May’s local elections, Alison Evison. Chaired by UNISON’s Sarah Duncan, it provided a good insight into people’s concerns as well as showing that Labour is on their side. Continue reading

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New cafe in Montrose

Its always a pleasure to see a new business open up, especially when it moves into a previously empty shop. Its even more of a pleasure when it is a business offering something unique. Cafe O’ Clay in Murray Street … Continue reading

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Conference Day Five: The Final Countdown

Typically, the last morning at conference is a relaxing time, and many delegates have already started their trips home, often because of the distance they have to travel. However to the politics junkie and first time conference delegate that is … Continue reading

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Conference Day Zero: Refounding Labour (Part 1)

I’m writing this at Glasgow Central station on my way to Liverpool for the Labour party conference. I’ve only now had time to read the proposals on refounding Labour sent by Peter Hain to members a few days ago. Apart from the appalling lack of notice delegates have been given to digest this before the vote at conference, it does not appear as bad as I first thought. Continue reading

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Council should back mortgage scheme

Its not often that I disagree with my boss, but in this instance I do. Angus Council has recently passed a report rejecting a scheme designed to help first time buyers into the housing market. This scheme, where councils provide … Continue reading

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Renewables and Fuel Poverty

The SNP have said that they will increase the target of renewable generation in Scotland to 100% by 2020. The previous target, of 80%, was also considered tough, but can we really reach 100%? Continue reading

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