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Plus, More or Max?

The Yes campaign says that Better Together and the Noes need to come up with a positive vision for Scotland. I think that we already have plenty – I’ve seen at least two versions of “Devo Plus” and “Devo More”, … Continue reading

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The war on Poverty and Squalidness

Just over 100 years ago, one of the greatest Liberals said that his budget was a war budget. A Budget to wage implacable warfare against poverty and squalidness. It was a budget which was designed to increase taxes on the … Continue reading

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Email to Ed Miliband – its our NHS

Dear Ed, Congratualtions on being elected our Leader. I wish you well, and will fight every day to make sure that Labour wins the next general election and you are our next Prime Minister. However, I am not emailing you … Continue reading

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Why I am Labour

I’ve been asked why I am a Labour supporter. I’ll tell you why, and the NHS is at the core of it. I came from a working class family – both my parents had grown up in Council houses, and … Continue reading

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