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Why I am Striking on November 30th

Well, actually I’m not technically going on strike. Angus Council, several years ago, decided that in order to celebrate St. Andrews Day, it would move a bank holiday elsewhere in the year to the end of November. So I already had … Continue reading

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One strike I wont support

While I fully support the right of any worker to withdraw their labour, the strike by Jockeys on Monday is one I cannot support. The fact that the Jockeys are condoning the use of the whip on race horses and are even trying to force a change of the new rules show that the welfare of their mounts is the last things on their minds. Continue reading

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Let’s have that referendum

The former leader of the SNP has called for a referendum straight away, because of a policy that could have “destructive consequences” for Scotland. I agree we should have a referendum, but not for the reason he does. Gordon Wilson, … Continue reading

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Conference Day Two: Evening Fringe

This evening I went to two events, one well attended and the other less so, but they both provided a fascinating insight and I learnt something from each. The first was on Children’s rights and the other was on the … Continue reading

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